Scorpio Monthly Love Horoscope

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Forget about what you’ve been thinking about lately. When the Sagittarius full moon and lunar eclipse arrive on June 5, you’re asked to expand your scope and look beyond what you thought was possible. This isn’t the time to settle, Scorpio. Keep those expectations high!

A Cancer new moon on the twentieth reminds you of what’s truly important, and the Crab’s emotional energy encourages you to find someone who makes you feel safe, comfortable, and secure. Playing house is fun, but you’ve got your heart set on the real thing.

Your co-ruler Mars visits Aries, the other fiery sign it rules, on June 27, bringing out your jealous, competitive side. You might not want an ex anymore, but you also can’t stand the thought of them being with anyone else. And yes, you know this is childish behavior, but you can’t help it. This transit brings out your vengeful side.

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