Scorpio 2019 Love Horoscope

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The last year was a difficult year for love and there was a sense of isolation and perhaps disappointment here. But things are changing rapidly for the better. On 15th February Jupiter enters your 7th House of Marriage and stays there until 1st July. Love is much happier and easier.

Two important and opposing forces are at work in your love life this year. Saturn, like last year, is still mostly in your 7th House. It is urging you to be more selective and choosy about love. There is an urge to test love overmuch. There is a tendency to be too dour, serious and perhaps cynical about it. The feeling of true romance is hard to capture.

Jupiter, on the other hand, is totally optimistic and happy. It wants to make everyone your friend. Love is a given and doesn't need to be tested. Jupiter urges you to make friends instantly and quickly - to enter into romance instantly and quickly. For many of you, the year 2019 will be an alternation between pessimism and optimism about love.

You will alternate between periods of love at first sight and boundless romance, and periods of sober evaluation and testing. There will be periods of indiscriminate mingling and periods where you weed out the sincere from the insincere. My feeling is that someone is coming into your life who will understand these things and will not be threatened by your trials and tests.

The message of the stars is to let love grow and develop slowly. Let the circumstances of life test love - you don't need to.

Singles are likely to marry or begin a serious relationship this year - though there will be delays to deal with. Married people will have an easier time in the marriage than last year.

The road to the altar has a few pitfalls that should be mentioned. Before Mr or Ms Right comes along, there is an addictive romantic relationship. Very intense. Very compulsive. It totally swallows you up. You have seldom experienced the power of such sexuality.

It dominates your mind and overpowers all other concerns. It threatens to disrupt your whole life, but you don't care. Real love should enhance mental and emotional ease and clarity. But this does just the opposite. It is thrilling on a certain level, but probably won't end up in marriage. (For married people, this relationship threatens to break up the marriage.) Mr or Ms Right will be more well-rounded and will make you feel elevated.

There is also a problem of getting the family to accept your new love and vice versa. There seems to be tension here. Again, the advice is to let love grow and develop naturally. Don't foist the family on the beloved and don't foist the beloved on the family.

Those of you looking towards a second or third marriage need to be patient this year. The status quo is likely.

New and prominent friends come into the picture this year. Business partnerships are also likely - but do the necessary research before you enter into any such arrangement.

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