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Since 2019, Scorpio, you’ve been noticing that the way you have approached your partnerships your entire life is no longer in alignment with who you are. This is because Uranus, the planet of liberation and change, has been gracing your commitment and relationship sector and will continue to do so until 2026 (solar seventh house). For some of you, this means that you’re being freed of outdated relationships and toxic patterns, whereas others are requiring more freedom or excitement with their significant other. If single, you may be enchanted by different kinds of partners that may not have inspired you before, whether that means outside of your normal type or lifestyle.

However, with Uranus turning retrograde on August 15, you will spend the next several months reviewing the changes you’ve made in your relationships and how you can still embrace more fulfillment within them.

Earlier in the month, though, other planetary activity highlights different areas of your life. A full moon on the third energizes your domestic sector and may bring news of a move, home renovation, or family issue that requires your attention (solar fourth house).

While your personal life grabs your focus, expect your career to also be quite strengthened this month. With Mercury and the sun highlighting your professional goals and advancement throughout much of August, you’re likely climbing to your next career height. The new moon on August 18 opens a door to new projects and professional goals, so watch for what appears in the days following it (solar tenth house).

Last to note in your very busy month is that the sun heats up your social sector on the twenty-second. Many exhilarating and well-planned events, gatherings, and community engagements will call your name in the weeks ahead (solar eleventh house). Be sure to embrace the fun.

Standout days: 4, 16, 27
Challenging days: 2, 3, 14

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