Scorpio April 2020 Horoscope

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Ironing out the details of cooperative or partnership agreements takes extra time, and you may feel that you’ve gotten the raw end of the bargain unless you firmly honor your principles and needs.
To increase your stamina you may need to make a more concerted effort to get in shape or to set new goals. You’ll benefit most from one-to-one work with a professional. Probing into psychological issues can free up physical vitality.
Disappointment in partnership or marriage can leave you feeling unsure of yourself, but if you take time to explore core issues after the Moon on April 15 you may be able to salvage an important connection. By the time the Scorpio Moon occurs on April 30, the effects of confrontation and exploration should be quite apparent, and you’ll either have a workable situation or you’ll be free to investigate other options!
Enthusiastic support from others gives you a boost in career, but to maintain your momentum you’ll need creative participation. Launch new projects after April 15, but watch for potential undermining or a loss of funding. You may decide to break away from costly joint financial arrangements in favor of something that allows you to have more significant control. Safeguard your valuables, and consider watching from the sidelines if investments are shaky.
If you’re seeking financial participation from others, look into possibilities. However, you may find that the options are too costly. Explore long-term effects before signing any contracts.

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