Scorpio August 2020 Horoscope

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Taking the lead while others have faltered can be an honorable choice, but it also tests your faith in yourself. Situations you attempted earlier this year may now reach their peak potential, but you may have to change some of your plans if you are to complete the task at hand.
Your body seems to attract tension.
To maintain a clear flow of energy, you need to concentrate on releasing stress and improving your flexibility. Team sports or fitness classes are more appealing after August 23.
Destructive or unhealthy relationships can become more problematic and may finally end before the solar eclipse on August 11. Unrealistic expectations undermine your feelings of stability, but maintaining objectivity and an open mind makes room for change after August 22. Listen to your heart’s song during the Moon on August 26, when your true passions ripen and you’ll relish a warm embrace.
Confronting issues or perplexities from August 1 to 14 may be the only way to reach resolution and move forward in your career. Once you’ve clarified what’s necessary, you may be eager to initiate innovative changes. Set new goals during the Moon on August 26, and extend help to professional associates who’ve held favorable attitudes toward you in the past. Investments peak from August 23 to 26.
While your career path may seem to be in a crisis, the choices you’re making may actually be centered on defining your life purpose. It’s time to probe into your deepest yearnings.

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