Scorpio December 2020 Horoscope

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Extra stress emerges as you feel the pressure of balancing your own needs with demands from work and family, but after December 15you’ll probably have the heavy obligations out of the way so you can enjoy the rest of the month.
You may feel like your nerves are a bit frazzled, and having enough time to relax probably seems like a joke. Try short breaks throughout the day, and put the answering machine on at home. You need some time to yourself whenever you can take it!
Turmoil at home can be the result of increased activity, but it may also be triggered by old issues rising to the forefront. Although you may try denial or suppression from December 1 to 13, if you’re truly unhappy it’s important to air your grievances.
Your intuitive sensibilities clue to to the best timing, and you may simply need to process some stuff in therapy! During the Moon on December 22 you’re in a great emotional space for breakthrough, and you set the stage of healthier interaction with those you love.
Even though you may attract good financial opportunity this month, it’s easy to lose track of details from December 6 to 12, so safeguard your assets.
The Moon on December 7 signals a time to start important projects, yet you may experience undermining from those who misunderstand your motives. Career opportunities improve after December 26.
Personal relationships undergo the most significant growth, especially if you’re walking away from useless situations and walking toward the light of pure love.

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