Scorpio January 2020 Horoscope

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Although communicative ventures like writing, conferences, and travel provide rewards, you’re most drawn to situations that allow you to employ your creative talents. Listen to your muse, and let your artistry flow!
The energy of Mars is more internalized now, and that means you need a little extra time to be alone to work on inner fitness. Releasing old anger may be accomplished through physical exercise, but you might also benefit from therapeutic work like rolfing.
With the Moon on January 1 stimulating your need for a spiritual quest, you might experience the greatest rewards in relationship by opening to a deeper understanding.
Travel can revitalize love, and a time of intimate retreat helps you reach closure where old wounds are concerned. During the lunar eclipse on January 31 you’re paying attention to family needs, and you may be ready to release your attachment to something (or someone) no longer part of your life.
Business conferences and presentations fare nicely. Even though you’re in a great position to launch an important project during the Moon on January 17, you’ll need to consider how to satisfy more conservative or traditional factions if you are to succeed. Delays can work to your benefit if you use them to determine trouble spots, and then make another effort after January 27, when speculative ventures are also more promising.
By paying careful attention to difficulties as they arise and dealing with them directly, you can get to the core and eliminate problems that have plagued you for a while.

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