Scorpio March 2020 Horoscope

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Your determination to accomplish your aims can be especially intense, although you may have to make a series of adjustments in your plans if you are to succeed. Your passion carries a powerful influence.
Physical energy in high gear, you can find it difficult to slow down, even when you need to take a break. Maintaining a reasonable pace keeps you on top of your game. A good time to learn more about your health, you’ll benefit from a class with a professional.
Since you do nothing halfway, an impassioned romantic encounter near the Moon on March 2 can leave an indelible impression. Unable to tolerate indecisiveness, you may be tempted to pressure others whose lack of commitment can frustrate your need for a better defined relationship. A fresh approach to loving emerges during the Moon on March 17, when even a stale relationship can be rejuvenated.
Getting to the details at work is not only necessary, but will keep things running more smoothly during Mercury’s retrograde cycle, from March 10 to April 2.
Expanding on currently productive situations proves beneficial, but you may decide to pull back where little progress has been made. Air grievances or resolve differences with others at work before the Moon on March 31. Keep your eye on partnerships to assure equal responsibility.
This is an excellent time to fix things that have been problematic or falling apart, and if you’ve been wondering where the problems reside, they’re likely to emerge rather prominently.

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