Scorpio November 2020 Horoscope

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Even though Mercury is retrograde this month, you may still be the one with the answers to the perplexing questions. Keeping your priorities centered is much easier now, too, and one of them may be safeguarding your privacy!
Incorporating time in your routine for getting back to nature adds a zest for life, and during some of your sojourns into the wild places you may also feel a powerful merging of your spirit with the timeless rhythm of life. Achieving these moments of oneness is uplifting.
An old love may suddenly emerge on the scene—and whether he or she is present in the flesh or simply occupying your heart, it’s important to reconcile your feelings.
The Scorpio Moon on November 7 marks a significant time of fresh beginnings, when releasing the past opens the way for greater abundance in every part of your life. Believing in yourself is getting easier, since your awareness of your real needs is growing clear.
Mercury’s retrograde from November 4 to 24 can bring a few delays, and you’ll be wise to look for the trouble spots before the cycle begins. A period of adjustment, when juggling priorities and keeping things moving is rather stressful, precedes the Moon on November 23. But if you get everything in order, the financial stress of this time can be lessened considerably. Trim your expenses for a while.
Getting rid of useless stuff, negative attitudes and unnecessary burdens form the basis for completion that you’re accomplishing this month. Finishing has never felt so good!

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