Scorpio October 2020 Horoscope

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Concentrating your mental energy on a meaningful plan or project works its own magic: this is the time to use the power of your mind in harmony with your applied energy. Determine what you want, how you want to achieve it, and act!
Not only will increasing your activity levels help you feel better, but you might also respond nicely to a new set of challenges. Sports can be a positive outlet, too. Mental imagery is especially useful as a tool to fine-tune your physical abilities.
Friendships need extra care, for they help you keep love flowing freely in your life. If a secret desire takes over your fantasy life near the Moon, it may be a signal of change in the way you’re approaching romance. By October 18 you’re ready to declare your intentions and deeper feelings, and you can be quite clear about your needs.
The right relationship blossoms during the Moon on October 24—but the wrong one dissolves.
Your ideas and manner of communication strengthen your charismatic influence, and there’s little standing in the way of your progress. Unrealistic circumstances quickly give way to the weight of necessity, and you’re in a great position to alter your budget and restructure your finances so that you have more flexibility. Business meetings, conferences and presentations gain momentum after October 18.
With Mercury in your sign after October 4, you’re in a strong cycle of mental clarity. This is also a great time to travel. If you’re buying a car, look for the best bargain after October 16.

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