Scorpio Weekly Horoscope

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With the sun and dynamic Mars, your co-ruler, stirring up a subtler sector of your chart, this is an opportunity to do some emotional housecleaning. Processing through issues that may have caused upset in the past can allow you to find closure. This might mean talking face-to-face with the person in question, but the healing that comes with this can make it so worthwhile.

Luscious Venus joins chatty Mercury in your sign on Tuesday, which means you’ll be in your element and ready to enjoy more of the social scene. Are you looking for love? You can be a magnetic and attractive option, and you might be surprised by how many people admire you from afar. Soon, though, someone may be eager to break the ice and get to know you better.

Lighten your schedule this weekend as the full moon in your lifestyle zone stirs some drama. Consider doing something relaxing, such as taking a walk or swim, because this can help channel any restless energy.

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