Scorpio 2020 Horoscope

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Your domestic life will benefit from lucky Jupiter in Aquarius, your solar fourth house of home and family. This happy influence will fill your year with upbeat and memorable events with friends and family, all centered in your home.
You might decide to purchase or rent a new home that, if not your ultimate dream home, will at least come close to it. If you’re content with your current location, you could add on, redecorate, or remodel to suit your needs. For some Scorpios this expansion is triggered by an addition to the family.
This is a great time to get involved in your community or homeowners association as a volunteer or elected official, or to lend your expertise to a charitable organization or another project to benefit your city or neighborhood. Among the many people you’ll meet could be several who become lifelong friends and possibly someone who benefits your career. This will help to satisfy your current need to establish roots and to create the feeling of security that can come through an investment of time, energy, and commitment in your immediate environment.
You’ll want to splurge on your home and family this year. Go for it if you have the disposable income, but don’t go into debt. Spoil those you love—and yourself—a little, but keep in mind that if you overdo it with your children now, they’ll see that as the new norm and expect even more. Give them quality and quantity time instead; share your love more than your money.
Some family members will be open to your requests and willing to do all they can to help you. The more likely scenario, with compassionate Neptune also in Aquarius, is that a relative will look to you for financial assistance. Only you can decide whether to lend a hand, but keep in mind that a loan probably won’t be repaid.
Be sure to check credentials and references before you hire a contractor to do home improvements. Do the same if you plan to work with a realtor for a home purchase. Whether you rent or buy, take the time to drive by the property morning and evening, weekday and weekend. Also be sure to include an inspection clause in a real estate purchase contract before you make an offer. Buy less than you can afford and carefully read all documents so you don’t end up with an expensive financial surprise in the future. You might also want to consider flood insurance if your home could be at risk.
It would be a good idea to get acquainted with your children’s friends this year, and to be alert for times when peer pressure could become a problem. And if you have teens, don’t tempt them by leaving them home alone when you’re out of town.
Saturn spends most of the year in Virgo, your solar eleventh house, moving on to Libra on October 29. (It will briefly return to Virgo next year.) Known as the karmic planet, Saturn in your friendship sector can put you in touch with soul mates and people from the past. Each person who comes into your life will have a purpose that goes beyond socializing, and some will become career contacts. You’ll know you’ve made a karmic connection because there will be an instant attraction, although not necessarily a positive one. In fact, you may at first dislike the very person who can do you the greatest good and teach you a valuable lesson. Saturn works two ways; you’re also in a position this year to do the same for others by sharing your knowledge and experience through word and deed.
Virgo is also your solar sign of groups, which reinforces the Jupiter-Neptune in Aquarius influence. That’s all the more reason to invest your skills and talents in a community or neighborhood cause or to join a group of like-minded people who want to change the world—or a small part of it—to make it better for everyone. But you could easily end up doing most of the work yourself, whether by choice or chance. Saturn here is a lesson in teamwork and sharing the load, and an opportunity to hone your leadership skills.
Part of Saturn’s story this year is its exact alignment with Uranus in Pisces, your solar fifth house of creativity, recreation, romance, and children. This planet of the unexpected adds another dimension to Saturn’s 2020 influence. Saturn represents stability, and Uranus represents change, so the two are definitely at odds. Blending the diverse energy will be a challenge, and much of it will involve other people. Think back to November of the last year. The events that occurred then may give you a clue about what to expect from these two planets this year.
The Saturn/Uranus alignment could trigger the sudden reappearance of an old friend or classmate, someone you haven’t seen in years. A former romantic interest could also reappear and express interest in resuming a relationship. Only you can make that decision, but think carefully and remember all the reasons you parted ways. People rarely change, at least not their basic personalities.
If you’re a parent, your children can benefit from your increased involvement in their lives. They could surprise you in some way, such as the sudden surfacing of a hidden talent, so do all you can to support and encourage them in both ongoing and new interests. You could have an emerging star on your hands. Also provide the structure children need and deliver a consistent message, day in and day out.
Explore your own creativity through a new hobby or by perfecting skills. You might discover you have a talent that could become a sideline business endeavor in time. Aim for what’s practical and useful, be innovative, and create a new mousetrap!
You’ll also want to be cautious with investments and other financial matters, especially in February and September, when Saturn and Uranus will form an exact alignment.
Once Saturn moves on to Libra, your solar twelfth house, you’ll be content to step out of the social scene to spend more time with yourself, and your favorite solo activities. During the next few years you should evaluate your life and the overall progress you’ve made. Congratulate yourself on your successes and resolve any regrets, even those from the distant past. This will prepare you for Saturn’s arrival in your sign in 2012, when you’ll begin a new phase of personal development and explore new directions.
On a practical level, you might have to purchase a new vehicle during the last two months of 2020, when Saturn in Libra clashes with Pluto in Capricorn, your solar third house. That’s definitely a time when you’ll want to be extra cautious on the road.
Also be cautious about what you say and write to whom. It will be easy to hit the “send” button on an e-mail when you’re upset or frustrated, both of which are possible with this Saturn/Pluto alignment. Knowing who’s a supporter and who’s not could be a challenge as well, so use your Scorpio sixth sense and willpower, listen, observe, and reveal little about what you know. A power struggle is possible with this configuration.
Like Saturn in Libra, Pluto will give you much to think about this year, and your thoughts will turn inward. Try not to dwell on what you can’t change. Take action instead and let Pluto, your ruling planet, empower you and your determination to succeed.

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