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Your usual intensity was amplified throughout the last ten years. Certainly this was a decade of opportunity and growth, but it was also a decade of discovery. You may have found some of the blocks impeding your personal power. However, with the help of Pluto's transit through Scorpio beginning six years later, you learned ways to allow that power to emerge. Perhaps you were able to recognize how your old resentments stood in the way of your success, both personally and professionally.

With Saturn's transit through your sign from seven years later, you critically examined your life and eliminated much that was no longer necessary. There is often a sense of time standing still during such cycles, so you can take a good look at what you are really doing with your life. Relationships with parents and/or other authority figures might have weighed heavily during Saturn's conjunction to the Sun.

Taking on responsibility for yourself and your life is what this time was all about. If your birthday occurs from October 23rd to November 11th, Pluto conjuncted your Sun during the last decade. You have experienced the opportunity to purge yourself of old pain and express the essence of your Self. You haven't just taken off a mask; you have emerged from the deep transformed!

For the most part, 2019 is a stabilizing year for you. Until Pluto leaves Scorpio, you will be experiencing a dose of increased intensity, but you may have already dealt with the major transformations. (This is dependent upon other factors in your chart.) With Saturn, Uranus and Neptune all in Capricorn, you may find it easier to focus your creativity and achieve greater success. From January through mid-August of this year, Jupiter's transit in Cancer trines your Sun sign.

By allowing your penetrating awareness to guide you, you can direct your efforts toward your goals very effectively.

Once Jupiter moves into Leo in late August, it might be easy to fall into the trap of overextending yourself. This can be in the form of spending too much money, obligating yourself to too many projects or even trying to control others excessively. Expansion of your horizons can be harmoniously achieved when coupled with honest awareness.

If you're born from October 29th to November 3rd, new directions may be more easily followed. You are more comfortable expressing your individuality with Uranus' support to your Sun.

It might also be easier for you to lighten up if you've been feeling too heavy in your self-expression. This is a good time to make changes in relationships and bring a sense of personal freedom to both of you by reexamining your commitments to one another. You may want to make a new commitment based upon your present needs rather than upon old expectations.

Those of you whose birthday falls between November 3rd and the 8th may be ready to spend more time in your creative pursuits. Any creative expression is enhanced now as Neptune sextiles your Sun. Especially strong are those expressions which involve using imagery of any type. Spiritually, this can be a period of harmony with your higher nature.

Your sense of Self is supported by Saturn's cycle this year if you were born from November 7th to the 18th. Your needs for accomplishment are stabilized by your past efforts and the foundations you have laid. You are feeling the pressure of Pluto conjuncting your Sun if your birth occurred from November 7th to the 13th. Much of your transformation began but continues on through this year. You may feel like you're in a cocoon. You know what you were when you went in, and you feel yourself changing, but you can't see what you're becoming. The perspective will come once this cycle is complete. You are a powerful being, but you may have been undermining that power in some way. You do not have to take anything away from anybody else in order to become whole. You simply must become one with your own power and allow your tremendous creative spirit to manifest.

Sometimes you repress your pain, allowing it to build up inside you. This can cause periods of depression, self-doubt and even physical distress. Now, with Pluto helping you bring old trauma to the surface, you can release your blockages and move into a freer expression of yourself.

Therapies which break up tension such as deep massage or rolling could be highly beneficial. Working with a rebirther can help you release. Psychological counseling which helps you confront yourself would be excellent now. To prove your physical and emotional strength, you might be challenged by an experience such as those offered by Outward Bound.

Past-life therapy and regression hypnosis are excellent tools during this period. Be sure to investigate your facilitators first!

In your visualizations, imagine yourself standing in a waterfall, clearing away any old pain and being soothed and healed by the warm water flowing around you.

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