Scorpio August 2019 Horoscope

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Friends and professional allies play an important role in your success. It's easy to win favor with others, and if you're involved in political efforts, can see great progress now. Set your sights on the future.

Pace yourself, because Mars enters your sign on the 14th. It's easy to over-obligate your time, and to over-stretch your limits. Know them. Watch for the unexpected from the 24th—31st to avoid accidents.

Affairs of the heart are more rewarding, and you're more confident about pursuing your desires. However, mixed signals from the 1st—13th can cause confusion, so try to clarify exactly what you want and what you mean to say.

Advice from a good friend can strengthen your self-confidence, but you must ultimately trust your own judgment. Take care to diffuse any family squabbles or conflicts during the Moon on the 18th. You don't need the hassle.

Launch important projects with the Moon on the 3rd, and determine where you want to go in terms of your own success. You may reach a peak in some of your goals, and might decide to re-evaluate your aims during Mercury's retrograde from the 17th—31st.

At the very least, take another look at your path, because you may discover pitfalls. Avoiding them can help you move more quickly toward the success you deserve.

You're reaping more rewards from your career, and need to find the best ways to use your good fortune. Avoid wasting your energy or resources. Put them to good use for future growth.

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