Scorpio December 2019 Horoscope

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Even though Mercury is retrograde from the 7th-27th, you can still accomplish your aims. Try to get the most important details out of the way early in the month.

Dancing, swimming, or other graceful activities can be enjoyable and might inspire you to increase your flexibility. Remaining tense will only sap your vitality.

Schedule a massage on the 11th or 12th. Getting away to a secluded rendezvous with your lover can be extremely exciting from the 4th-8th. If you're involved in a secret liaison, be especially careful to avoid leaving a trail.

You may be enticed by someone out of the ordinary after the 22nd, or may just be feeling more experimental.

The Moon on the 29th inspires you to reconsider and to clarify the signals you're sending. Expect surprises from your family after the 20th. Be ready for anything.

Your ability to persuade others works to your benefit from the 1st— 11th. However, you may run into a few snags in your plans near the time of the Moon on the 13th.

Reconsider the cost before you make large expenditures after the 14th, and watch a tendency to get into something you don't quite understand after the 23rd.

You might do better to wait until you've had time to do your research.

Your clever ideas and sharp intellect work to your advantage from the 1st—14th. You can be in the right place at the right time to use your sardonic wit.

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