Scorpio January 2019 Horoscope

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Outreach is important, even if you only accomplish it through correspondence. Workshops or conferences can be especially significant to continued success in your career.

You may need a little more time for rest and relaxation, especially if you're experiencing a lot of job stress. Concentrate on developing your flexibility during fitness classes.

Your ability to more clearly express what you're feeling is supported by the changes occuring with the Moon on the 8th. It's the perfect time to reach a meeting of the minds, and if you've had trouble in the past, but still see a glimmer of hope, try again.

It's easy to send out mixed messages because you're afraid of being hurt or rejected, but you're more confident and open after the 20th. Family issues can escalate during the Moon on the 23rd.

Continue with ongoing negotiations during Mercury's retrograde from the 1st—12th, but expect delays and frustration. If you take it easy and use this time to trouble-shoot, then you might be in a better position to finalize plans. Watch your expenditures after the 21st, when it's easy to overestimate your financial situation.

This is the typical counting your chickens before they hatch scenario. Set a budget and stick to it. Networking with others who share your interests and ideals provides both support and feedback, which can be helpful in altering your plans to achieve greater success.

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