Scorpio June 2019 Horoscope

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Making the right connections within your community or special interest groups can give you a strong advantage. Business travel, educational pursuits, and writing can be beneficial this month. This is a great time to get to the core of any physical problems, since you're more willing to probe into the root causes.

Seek out a holistic practitioner who can assess the whole picture. You're ready to take an intimate relationship to a more spiritual level, and might enjoy sharing inspirational travel or a spiritual retreat with your sweetheart. A more open approach to satisfying your sexual needs can emerge during the Moon on the 5th, when sharing with one another feels more natural.

Make time to get away from the everyday hassles after the 22nd, when a change of scenery can do you both a world of good. Schedule important meetings, make presentations, or attend conferences after the 4th, when your ability to influence or connect with others is enhanced. Legal proceedings fare best from the 5th—27th.

Financial concerns require an honest assessment of your debts and assets, since it's easy to overburden yourself. Avoid get-rich-quick schemes, because they are likely to just cost you precious time and money. Look for something that has proven its value. Taking the high road in a situation involving questionable ethics works to your best advantage. Any dishonesty can backfire.

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