Scorpio Baby

Little Scorpio demandingly reads the neighborhood with its cry — it requires the constant attention of adults, and does not suffer when they are late with food, or do not change the diaper for a long time. The kid quickly begins to recognize the people closest to him, he gets used to his mother and father, showing his love with his whole being. Other people cause the Scorpio child alertness, he can even loudly howl, when in his space, which he considers safe for himself, is invaded by an unfamiliar person. Very soon parents will feel that their kid is a real person, he has his own principles and rules, demands respect for his personality and will desperately defend his individuality.

Only love, as well as manifestations of love in the form of kisses, affectionate words, stroking, can soften a little the stern position of little Scorpio, and parents should use the "carrot method" to smooth the situation in some tense moments with him. Little Scorpio must necessarily hear the approval of his good deeds, praise, he should feel loved, even if there are many children in the family, otherwise he will close up, go into himself, become gloomy and capricious, and it will be very difficult to talk with him in the future.

Surrounding the world a small Scorpio study with great interest and excitement. He learns the world from all sides in a literal sense — parents should keep an eye on him so that he does not try the leaves and berries for taste, and does not dig the earth with his hands. Scorpio’s dirty and wet clothes do not scare, and when Mom turns away, he will spank with pleasure at the deepest puddle. The most favorite toys for Scorpio — plasticine and mass for modeling. This occupation, he prefers even a game with cars or dolls, he is ready to create masterpieces for hours, and then proudly show the people who fall in his sight, waiting for praise and recognition. To satisfy Scorpio’s passion for creativity, parents from the earliest years should think about the school of early development for the preschooler, or about the school of arts and crafts, because it is there that Scorpio will be able to show all his creativity, and plenty of work with clay and plasticine.

Scorpio does not tolerate strict requirements and commands, so parents need to apply something softer, "roundabout" tactics, urging the kid to do something concrete, which he does not want to do. With a child it is better to talk as with an adult - he does not tolerate "lisp", and such treatment will respond only with opposition. It is necessary to allow the child to make conclusions about his actions independently, not trying to scold him for misconduct, and then he will learn to control his behavior well, and analyze everything he wants to do.

Impressions about the school of the little Scorpio can be very different. If he is well-received in the team, he will like the class and the teacher — everything will go from the first days, like clockwork, to an enthusiastic wave of knowledge of the world. The main thing is to support this interest of the kid, to carry out lessons with him, to offer various solutions. If the first days in school will bring disappointment, then convince the little Scorpio, adjust it positively to the school will be very difficult, and this will take time. And also the incredible efforts of parents and teachers.

Scorpio Boys

Scorpio wants that others know that he keeps everything under control and will be able to cope with any difficulties. If you are the parent of a Scorpion boy, you will have to learn to catch the vibrations coming from your child’s soul — he will diligently hide his emotions. He is painfully sensitive and at the same time afraid to show his vulnerability, so you need to encourage him to show feelings. Quietly, he often sends a signal about the struggle in his soul. Scorpio must be explained that he does not need to be strong and unruffled all the time.

Since Scorpio is prone to strong affection and dislike, he will certainly let you know what he did not like. Interested in something, he is unlikely to be able to switch attention. Even as a child, they can get hold of the desire to engage in anything, and it will be difficult for him to move on to business that does not excite in him the same enthusiasm.

The Scorpio boy is invariably betrayed by those he loves, but at the same time is capable of expressing a bitter truth. He is so keenly aware of his own reaction, that it is not easy for him to embellish the truth in order to please others. Therefore, it is often possible to hear comments from him that other people are afraid to say. Scorpio has an incredible sense of unity, and if someone attacks his close or close friends, he will be the first to respond to the offender.

Scorpio Girls

Scorpion girls comprehend female tricks, hardly having learned to go and talk. With age, they practice tricks and soon acquire the ability to achieve their goals, attract people to themselves and change circumstances in their favor. Even at the age of four, the Scorpio girl will seriously try to seduce you — to get ice cream or listen to a bedtime story. She knows exactly what she wants, but at the same time can be incredibly vulnerable — this complex combination is the source of Scorpio’s charm.

Scorpio almost always sees not only what is on the surface, and if anything disturbs it, it seeks to hide anxiety in the depths of the soul, but fears can spill out in the form of nightmares or closed and unsociable. The Scorpio girl needs an understanding and reliable listener, before whom she can open her soul without fear of criticism or evaluation.

In addition, she needs to learn to trust people, since it can be difficult for Scorpio to overcome internal suspicion. It is interesting to observe how this child laughs and confides the secrets of his beloved grandmother, and then watch him during the arrival of an unloved aunt — Scorpio suddenly becomes self-absorbed. The Scorpio girl has a strength to be reckoned with, but at the same time she is endowed with the ability to love deeply. A Scorpio child needs to know: the love of parents for him is immeasurable.

Advice for parents of the Scorpio-childs

Do not be afraid of the violent manifestations of feelings of the child-Scorpio: the emotions experienced by him are much brighter and stronger than others. And if adults know how to keep them in check, then the children have not yet mastered this art. Raising a Scorpion child is not easy. Such children, as a rule, are often punished, unable to cope with them in a different way. But to them, as to no one else, violence is not recommended if the parents do not want to receive even greater cruelty in return. If the child has hurt, he should definitely be told about this, but the retaliatory blow is unacceptable in all senses. His aggressiveness should be switched to an intellectual channel, for example, to research activities.

Scorpios in no case can not be punished "for prophylaxis", without good reasons. If the Scorpio child is not right, one should be fair, prove one’s rightness by virtue of the possibilities of understanding this baby, turn to his ability to think and reason. These freedom-loving creatures should be the least possible to impose anything. If they express their opinion, it must be taken into account, especially since it often appears as a result of observations and careful analysis, and these children sometimes surpass adults by their observation. If the Scorpio kid is not right, you should explain to him why, but in no case should you just let yourself ignore his opinion.

Scorpios have sexual maturity earlier than others, so they need to explain the basic questions of physiology, sexual relations in their childhood. If something is hidden from them, they will figure it out themselves, referring to questionable sources. If the energy of the teenage Scorpio does not have an outlet, he can focus on satisfying the "basic instinct." Bringing up the child of Scorpio, it is necessary to stock up with great patience, with all the strength to try to establish spiritual contact with him — this will avoid many problems.

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