Scorpio Boys

The Scorpio boy is an unusual child who has secrets, but willingly shares with his friends and relatives whom he trusts. A horoscope sign from birth says that the Scorpion boy copes with all troubles easily, than surprises adults who put him as an example to other children.

Scorpio Boy Personality

Parents of small Scorpios will have to accept the secretiveness of the boy, who passes with age and confidence level. Zodiac sign Scorpio is used to hide his emotions, but this does not affect the mood, and the character does not become complicated.

The horoscope shows that this sign of the zodiac constantly tries to show itself strong and independent of the environment and situation. Parents should be responsible for the child, but remember that it is inherently inherent in the child. Zodiac sign Scorpio does not show his emotions, but this does not concern affection and dislike. If the sign is admired by someone, it will not hide it, but the character will also not hide the unwillingness to communicate, contempt for anyone or anything. This feature can prevent in the future, the child can lose the company and credibility.

Well-developed intuitive thinking, the sign of the zodiac Scorpio extremely rarely makes decisions on emotions, it’s reasonable and before deciding, think several times. The love of solitude and the tendency to hide their emotions — from such features of the sign do not go away, the boy Scorpio, as his horoscope says, tends to spend more time alone, he does not trust everyone, and even parents should earn it, otherwise the boy will close for a long time, and Attempts to talk it out will only aggravate the situation.

Broken and wobbly in the clouds — a sign from the outside can touch not from this world, but in a good sense, his view is detached, he is completely immersed in his reflections, and if you say something to a sign, it is better to repeat it twice, from the first time the words For it will be just a sound. Careful study of everything that surrounds him — this absent-minded view just does say that he is busy studying something and this is a concrete thing, not his imagination.

Scorpio Childhood

A horoscope has prepared a boy to choose only the most loyal people in life. This manifests itself from early childhood, when the sign shows a desire to communicate with only a few boys and girls from a large company. Of course, this is very good, but there is a downside to the coin. Disengagement and such selectivity will not appeal to other children and under the influence of the company even the friends chosen by them can refuse it. This continues until children behave "like everyone else", but then, when the awareness of individuality comes, almost all children show a desire to be friends with the sign.

The Scorpio sign has one very interesting feature. However, that children are accustomed to hiding their emotions, the horoscope says that it is emotions that are the driving force of the sign. Such children feel well surrounded by several people, they feel the situation, the attitude of people to themselves and this helps them to separate where it is good and where bad. The child of Scorpio has a restrained character, but when it is necessary to share joy with someone, the sign can not be stopped.

Vulnerable places of the small scorpion can be identified organs of the excretory system — the kidneys, liver, rectum. Sign corresponds to the genitals — the groin area, the lower abdomen, the bladder. These organs need to be watched especially. Scorpio is prone to quite serious diseases, such as hepatitis, dysentery, cholelithiasis. Boys may have congenital heart problems, but the appropriate treatment will get rid of it.

Save Scorpio’s health will help moderation in everything. It is necessary to avoid the adolescent’s addiction to bad habits, since smoking, light drugs particularly affect the vulnerable places of the sign. Nutrition of the child is of great importance. The sign is useful light products, it is desirable to do unloading days and try to protect the child from products of unknown chemical composition.

Scorpio Schoolboy

Children Scorpios are very responsible, trust their emotions and conclusions of reason. He makes the decision himself, but pretending that he is still not someone else’s opinion, the child knows how to listen to useful advice. The child should not frighten parents with independence from the very childhood, but this is what we should expect. Children Scorpions behave like adults, and for them facts, arguments are important. A child can often ask non-children’s questions, and parents must answer encyclopedically. Thus, children receive an answer and do not feel cheated.

This sign of the zodiac is quite energetic and parents can take it even for some deviation, but until 7-9 years the child calms down and behaves as sensibly as its thoughts are arranged. A child is wise beyond his years, so it is desirable to send him to additional English courses, for example, or chess, which will allow him to cope with hyperreactivity earlier. Energy together with the power of mind of the zodiac sign of Scorpio makes it popular in school. He manages and in mathematics and physical education classes runs faster than everyone.

A zodiac sign horoscope warns of one danger. Scorpio without education, a child from an unhappy family quite often chooses the wrong path associated with drugs, easy connections, domestic life. Parents should give him maximum love, but bring up with a share of severity, about which the mark in the future will only thank.

Moderate physical exercise will benefit, especially running, walking, climbing and similar sports. It is important that the boys can spill out their energy and the emotions that they accumulate, precisely in sports, since it is useful and will direct Scorpio in the right direction.

Scorpio Boys’s Youth

The character of a boy under seven can be clearly described in several words — passion, energy, reason. These three characteristics form a capable child who can charm everyone from small to large with his charm. As soon as the boy goes to school, he immediately chooses his company in accordance with the upbringing, but if his preferences are very different, he can ignore the parents, which is not good. He studies without problems, he is more inclined to choose mathematics, physics, geometry, but sometimes it may be interesting for him to read poems.

After seven years, the children are beginning to seriously think about whether there is life after school, and if there is, then what place do they occupy in this world. This outwardly manifests itself in serious conclusions, the desire to discuss the future. Already at the age of ten, Scorpio will tell his parents what he sees himself in the future and will definitely achieve it.

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