Goat Scorpio

In the animal kingdom, the famous Goat Scorpio is one of the most contradictory animals by nature. They are popular but loners, bears who don’t hibernate, carnivores that eat 99% bamboo, are territorial but don’t live in one place, are strong and potentially dangerous but shy away from confrontation. Humans born under the sign of the Goat Scorpio share many similarities. Members of this sign tend to be popular but loners, want to go with flow but have to feel in charge of their own destiny, long to relax but are always working on projects, are ambitious yet uncertain, want to do things that help others yet are often self-focused, and have creative minds that are often focused on success and achievement.

Rather than see things as they are, Goat Scorpions see the world in terms of how it affects them personally. They have a desire to improve the world around them, but their approach to doing so is a bit different from others. Members of this sign believe that by being their best and improving their own lives they are doing what they can to improve their surroundings, which makes things better for everyone. Others may interpret this behavior as self-centered, but this is genuinely the best way for Goat Scorpions to operate.

Goat Scorpions are surprisingly shy. They can be territorial loners who live in their own little world, but this is by design. Those born under this sign are quiet, collected, and focused but can become obsessive, overly critical, and anxious if left alone for too long. Though they need time alone, Goat Scorpions should be careful not to isolate themselves from the world. Private and reserved, it can be hard for Goat Scorpions to find the right social scene, but it’s important that they try.

The biggest challenge for Goat Scorpions in life is finding their place in the world. In their youth they will likely isolate themselves to work on esoteric projects and personal interests, but over time they must realize that they do, in fact, need others to help make their visions into reality. Goat Scorpions also have a hard time feeling content, and too often second-guess themselves. Though ambitious, they must also realize that there is time to work and time to play, and they can afford to do both.

Goat Scorpio Traits

You function only with your own antennas, reason having nothing to do here! It’s because your nature is essentially psychic, intuitive, even mediumistic. Besides, you must only rely on your instinct, your sixth sense, for your reasoning is most often misled by your emotions.

You’re eternally unsatisfied with this world, which can make of you an ill-adapted person, a drop-out, a nomad, a tramp, by thought if not in actuality, and which also can push you to drug addition, alcoholism, self-destruction, or on the contrary to altruistic or humanitarian activities. You must nevertheless beware of the temptation of occult experiences, of a penchant to play at seers or gurus.

You’re not very much gifted on the strictly practical plane, but your flair and intuitions may prove to be useful, often helped by luck. Well inspired, you can exploit your best potentialities in the fields of arts and imagination. An external aid or imposed discipline seem to be indispensable to your success.

Heartwise, your youth is often more or less hung up or inhibited. You need to give yourself entirely or devote yourself totally to the beloved one. Your happiness is to find affective and sexual understanding in the framework of total freedom. Otherwise you may remain a tormented person in love.

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