Horse Scorpio

Independent, temperamental, and restless, those born under the Zodiac sign of the Horse Scorpio are powerful individuals who are determined to get what they want in life. Like their animal namesake, members of this sign are fast, energetic hunters whose power greatly outmatches their size.

Horse Scorpions are very passionate individuals. Their work ethic is second to none and combined with their forceful sense of determination, members of this sign are practically unstoppable. This is also one of the most resilient signs in the Zodiac. Horse Scorpions cannot be held back by outside forces, period. Any obstacles in their way will be systematically removed as the Horse Scorpio pushes ever forward. They will only stop a project if they make a conscious decision to do so. Those who try to get in their way are wasting their time.

As confident as they might seem, members of this sign are somewhat insecure and are often unsure if they are moving in the right direction. Their inner drive makes it so that they constantly have to keep moving forward in some direction, even if it’s not one they are certain of. When others try to change the mind of a Horse Scorpio, they must realize that this cannot be done. Instead, one has to plant the seed of a decision in the mind of a Horse Scorpio, since the ultimate decision must be their own. This is a job best left to clever, intuitive types.

It’s not hard to notice that Horse Scorpions have a hard time relaxing. They can be incredibly moody, especially when things don’t go their way, and have trouble letting their guard down. Horse Scorpions want to “win” at life, to prove that they are better than everyone else, and taking time to rest or meditate does not factor much into that equation. The internal push to seclude themselves and work on their projects has to be checked from time to time. Like anyone else, Horse Scorpions need to interact with others (in a non-work, non-competitive way) in order to maintain any balance in their lives.

Horse Scorpio Traits

Always higher! That’s what could be your motto. You constantly give yourself gigantic challenges because you feel irrepressible needs to surpass yourself. You always have the ambition and desire to achieve great things, to put almost unsurmountable obstacles before yourself.

In any case, you need some kind of ideal that will force you to progress constantly. But it’s your subconscious which dictates you this ideal and which really motivates your actions. You must therefore be on your guard against it. Sometimes it incites you to withdraw from the world and to try a religious or mystical experiment.

As one can foresee it, you excel in activities that allow you to reach an ideal on a practical plane. You’re very efficacious in any job which responds to your need to move, travel, explore what’s unknown. You’re capable of great things when your passions are called on. You are gifted for managing great affairs, especially those related to foreign countries, industry, or medicine.

In love, your desires are powerful and your sentiments exclusive. You’re very vulnerable to love at first sight all the while showing great sincerity. If your union is to be happy, it must allow you to preserve your autonomy for you don’t bear imposed ties.

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