Monkey Scorpio

Strong, curious, and energetic, those born under the sign of the Monkey Scorpio often succeed where others fail. Their deepest desire is to overcome the odds, to triumph, and to prove themselves to the world. They are willing to give up a considerable amount of personal needs, but in return they can use what others consider disadvantages to their advantage. That is their greatest power.

A combination of the western sign of Scorpio and the eastern sign of the Monkey, this is a highly contradictory sign in terms of its dual nature (sun and moon). One one hand, those born during a Year of the Monkey typically start out with an easy beginning of life where they are coddled, loved, and told they are special. Scorpios take much longer to come out of their shells, but where Monkeys usually hit hard times in early adulthood, this is prime time for Scorpio to step up and take action. There will be something of a shift in thinking between childhood/teenage years and early adulthood. This shift in perspective is where they realize their true power and have to decide how to best use their immense inner strength and potential.

Like their animal namesake, members of this sign are difficult to pin down. In many world mythologies, the Monkey Scorpio Spirit was considered a trickster - a sly and cunning individual who would often get what they wanted, or otherwise entertain themselves, through the intellectual manipulation of others. Powerful and unpredictable, these spirits often had few true followers, for most people were wise enough to fear that which only a Monkey Scorpio is capable of.

This is not necessarily a “dark” sign in terms of spirit or personality, though. Many Monkey Scorpions have highly developed senses of humor, and other planetary aspects in each individual’s birth chart will play a major role in the direction of that person’s life. Monkey Scorpions can be young, selfish, inexperienced souls or old, powerful souls. How they use their power - for personal gain or to help others - will be an indicator of the karmic direction of a Monkey Scorpio’s life.

Monkey Scorpio Traits

Some people say that you only do what you like and as you like; others, more indulgent, maintain that you only act according to your convictions. In any case, your real way must always be out of beaten tracks. You like to swim against the stream, liven up preconceived ideas, do what no one has ever tried, and all this in whatever field.

You’re generous and disinterested; you willingly give what you’ve, especially when it comes to the good of the community. You also show exemplary faithfulness to your friends. But one can reproach you for you exaggerated tendency to desanctification — you respect few things, you make fun of everything and of all and, of course, of yourself. You mistrust bigots, dogmatics, and all those who take themselves seriously.

You’re gifted for research, sciences, great ideas, and great revolutionary projects. These fields can bring you glory or great profits. In any case, you devote an essential part of your existence and forces to your professional life, and you often have strokes of genius. But you’d better not try your hand at the financial domain. It’s in your interest to put your confidence only in those who are really worthy of it.

In love, you attract and charm, but you express your feelings with difficulty because of your invading cerebralism. Your affections always have an unconventional or unstable character. You’re not really made for marriage, or you should be allowed to live the way you like in your home.

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