Rabbit Scorpio

Emotional, powerful, and intense, those born under the Zodiac sign of the Rabbit Scorpio are often not what you expect. It’s not that they are putting up a false front, it’s that they are trying to keep their tornado of emotions safely inside themselves. Rabbit Scorpions almost always approach life with good intentions, but with so much inner emotional turmoil, plans can miscarry and life can often seem frustrating. This is a sign that wants what they want when they want it, but they also try to refrain from using their power indiscriminately. Though they may seem cute and friendly, Rabbit Scorpions also have a dark side.

I used to work with a guy from Australia who said that tourists were often too friendly toward Rabbit Scorpions there. Despite their small stature and calm demeanor, these marsupials also have long, sharp claws and can be very territorial. Similarly, those born under the sign of Rabbit Scorpio can seem harmless from a distance, but can be quite defensive if provoked or approached without caution.

A tendency of this sign is to use passive aggression and subtle manipulation to get what they want. While they try their hardest to be convincing, they can’t help but wear their emotions on their sleeves. In fact, with such intensity, others can feel their energy long before Rabbit Scorpions even show it on their faces.

Rabbit Scorpions are very interested in humanity and human tendencies, almost from a detached point of view. They have many questions about life and their purpose in it. They also are very interested in power and how it can be wielded, though they are not necessarily confrontational types. In fact, Rabbit Scorpions like little things more than they like comfort. They like to have their own space and the freedom to design it the way they please. In this way they feel that they have control over their own sense of comfort, though this can also get out of control. This is not a sign that is very skilled at creating his or her own happiness, which means that Rabbit Scorpions often try to use escapism as comfort, which can lead to addictive behavior.

This is such a complex sign that it’s difficult to profile them without a birth chart. Rabbit Scorpions are deeply emotional, and on top of that they have a way of burying their feelings to keep them secret, even to themselves. This means that other planetary influences (of which there are many) have an even stronger effect on Rabbit Scorpions than they do with most other signs. While the standard birth chart analysis will give much of this information, I would suggest using the Life Path analysis if you can only afford to do one. This serves a deeper purpose by giving each Rabbit Scorpio an idea of why they are here and what this lifetime is for - something that they are always pondering deep down inside anyway.

Rabbit Scorpio Traits

To be as rational as possible: this is what seems to be your life motto. You intend to submit all your actions and even your sentiments to the power of reasoning. Carelessness and fantasy have no room with you for you are a nature which is extremely conscientious and studious, always concerned about doing things the best way possible. Moreover, you’ve acute critical sense which is directed toward yourself as well as toward others.

Your personality is strong. But this doesn’t prevent you from suffering from inhibitions, complexes, and anxieties. Your shyness is only apparent for your conscience is fraught with violences and secret passions. You owe your success to your perseverance, sense of responsibilities, and professional conscience. You’re very clever in financial matters. You’re at your best when you work for others or make returns on their money. Research or teaching careers suit you perfectly.

Your repressed sexuality can provoke powerful interior swirls or inhibitions in your love life. Therefore, you must try to exorcise these conflicts if you want to be well bloomed on the heart plane. It’s by founding a peaceful home, in a calm and stable life, and by devoting yourself to your children that you’ve the best chances to free yourself from your complexes.

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