Rooster Scorpio

Hard working, determined, and authoritative, those born under the Zodiac sign of the Rooster Scorpio desire nothing more than respect. Loyalty is very important to them and close friendships are valued accordingly. Rooster Scorpions have a reputation for being easily offended by those who disrespect them. Again, respect is of utmost importance, so much so that young Rooster Scorpions often sabotage themselves by demanding respect when they haven’t yet earned it.

Most Rooster Scorpions learn in time that they will only get the reverence they desire by earning it. Luckily, they are very capable of doing so. Rooster Scorpions are very intelligent, very determined, and very confident - the perfect ingredients for creating great success. Simply put, members of this sign won’t stop until they succeed in reaching their goals. They don’t even need natural talent in their chosen field. They can develop all the skills they need through sheer willpower. As perfectionists they know that every detail counts, and above all else they never, ever want to look foolish or have their authority undermined.

Thus, Rooster Scorpions become a bit dictatorial in this way. Those who work with them (for them) must absolutely understand who is in charge and what direction they are going. Others will likely have a hard time keeping up with the ambitions of this sign, practically handing over all power and control to the Rooster Scorpio simply because they are still going after everyone else wants to quit. This is perhaps their greatest strength and also their greatest weakness. Pride will drive them far, but it can also take over and cause irrational thinking or paranoia.

Members of this sign likely view life as a challenge to be won. They are most often very concerned with career success over all else, as this provides the money, power, authority, and status that they crave so deeply. Personal relationships often take a backseat to their career, and they may find the two difficult to balance. Yet, Rooster Scorpions are very interested in how they appear to others, almost as if they don’t believe that the truth matters as much as the perception of the truth. The danger with this is that they can become too good at playing a role (instead of just being themselves) and end up playing this role their whole lives, never really connecting on a deeper level with anyone.

Rooster Scorpio Traits

You’re an individual who’s difficult to live with for yourself as well as for others. Everything in you is brought to the extreme, be it the good or the bad, the desirable or the abominable. Nothing happens to you as to others. You can be either very aggressive and disquieting, or very shy and pathetic. Very anxious and very depressive, you’re nevertheless endowed with extraordinary psychic energy, which allows you to react brutally and to control the most catastrophic situations.

Sadism and masochism dominate your comportment by turns. On the other hand, you must beware of your frequent states of depression and of your suicidal penchants. In the professional and social domain, you aspire to power under a form or another. You’re pitiless in business. You encounter numerous disputes or hostilities in your career because, if you can’t dominate, you try to destroy. If you succeed in sublimating your passions, you can acquire great creative or mystical power.

In love, you’re overwhelmed by the violence of your sexual instincts and the force of your passions. Your reasoning is totally inept here. With your need to possess the beloved one entirely, your love affairs are exclusive; they are furthermore tormented and complicated because of your exacerbated jealousy. You can pass from unbounded love to implacable hate if you feel betrayed.

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