Tiger Scorpio

Powerful, passionate, and resilient, those born under the Zodiac sign of the Tiger Scorpio are fierce competitors who are not afraid to go after what they want. This incredibly complex sign is extremely powerful and capable, but also highly emotional. When focused they can harness great power and wisdom to accomplish what few others are capable of. When out of balance they can become terrible tyrants, equally capable of using their power for destruction and manipulation if left unchecked.

Like their animal namesake, those born under the sign of the Tiger Scorpions are fearless in their conquests and will not back down to anyone. In their minds they are a one-man army, capable of conquering the greatest of challenges. In the animal kingdom, the Tiger Scorpions is well known as the world’s most fearless animal - often taking on much larger and stronger predators and treating them like prey.

Deep down Tiger Scorpions want something to live for beyond mere day to day survival. Survival is easy for them, finding their place in the world is not. On the outside they come across as tough, mysterious, and unable to be broken, but inside they are actually quite fragile and complex. Though socially adept, Tiger Scorpions are solitary and suspicious by nature. They would rather strike out on their own than be told what to do, and prove this by often doing what they feel is right over what they are told is right.

Though not necessarily intuitive in the “psychic” sense, members of this sign are old souls who carry with them a deep wisdom that allows them to understand human nature. They inherently know what people want, which is why they are often so successful. With this wisdom often comes resentment and contempt for the common man. Tiger Scorpions only really respect those with power, wisdom, or status that can rival their own.

A considerable dark side lies within this intense and emotional sign. For Tiger Scorpions to realize their true potential, they must learn to control their emotions (as difficult a task as that might be), and ultimately live for something greater than themselves. This will almost certainly come in the form of leading and inspiring others through their actions. Achieving balance in life will be the great life challenge for members of this sign who must constantly work hard to keep a positive attitude and perspective on life if they hope to achieve true happiness and contentment. Those who fail to master their emotions will have some hard life lessons to learn. Those who learn to master their emotions will be unstoppable.

Tiger Scorpio Traits

This structure is not easy to assume. You live continually on a volcano — your character is difficult, passionate, thirsty of the absolute, and incapable of composing with the relative. You should try to sublimate your violent, brutal aggressivity if you don’t want it to return against yourself and compromise your chances in life. You should also be vigilant so as to prevent the sadistic side to your character from awakening your latent suicidal tendencies.

In compensation for your tormented personality, you’ve ambition and force, real power over others, and extraordinary capacity of achieving great things if you find a worthy cause to which you can devote yourself entirely. Your willpower and determination naturally help you to succeed in all that requires great efforts or violence. In the professional field, you’re a terribly tough adversary - you never let go until you get what you want. One would have an interest in not being on your way. You can be an excellent surgeon, dentist, psychiatrist, spy, policeman, or military officer.

You aren’t a sentimental but passionate individual who can pass without transition from foolish love to ferocious hate. Your love affairs are often fraught with devastating jealousies and tainted with certain sadism. Your union may prove to be a clash of two wills if you aren’t involved with a very pacific and accommodating partner.

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