Scorpio Second Decan

Second decan Scorpio born between November 3 and November 12. If a person is born between these days, the ruling planet Neptune and Jupiter. They are very intelligent and ambitious. Their aspirations become a reality soon. They are artistic and romantic, faithful and devoted to the core. Their generousness makes them quite popular among their circle. These people move on in their lives as Jupiter lends them with enormous luck power.

The second Decan Scorpio personality is characterized by seductiveness, shyness and artistic talent. They are quite shy and don’t like to expose too much of themselves even to close friends and family. They prefer to work quietly in the background and also don’t mind being alone and pretty much enjoy their own company where they can fantasize and dream imaginative dreams.

They are generous and attentive lovers and use powers of seduction to get what they want. They are very intriguing, mysterious and seductive. They have a great deal of artistic talent and can become a successful artist. Their shyness might hold them back in seeking celebrity fame and fortune. They can experience great highs and lows and will be adversely affected by mood swings. The mood swings can be very intense and often frightening to those around them.

Scorpio Second Decan - Emotional Man of Neptune

In Greek mythology, Neptune is referred as Poseidon and a brother of Pluto and Jupiter. He has dominance over the sea while Pluto rules the underworld and Jupiter is the ruler of heavens. When it comes to astrology, Neptune is the gentle planet of inspiration, creativity, imagination, intuition, dreams, spirituality as well as personal possibilities. It is also idealistic, romantic, patient, changeable, sensitive, understanding, compassionate and mysterious.

So naturally, under this influence, you have a very creative and intelligent mind that never seem to run out of new ideas, and are particularly drawn to artistic endeavors. You enjoy reading books about love, hope and/or fantasy; you like music, poetry, ballet, yoga, dancing and swimming too; you can easily get lost in long and thought-provoking conversations about philosophy, black magic and the supernatural. You would love spending an afternoon in the illusionary world and daydream about nice things and those dear to your heart.

Being willing to compromise and adjust to unexpected situations is one of your biggest strengths. You are not an unreasonable person that forces your ideologies and opinions down other people’s throat, nor will you use fear tactics to scare them into submission. You are flexible and respectful of individual differences.

Besides, you also have a full tank of patience, not to mention, the incredible ability to tolerate nonsense – you are a natural expert at keeping a poker face, which means you don’t allow yourself to show any sign of anger or frustration, even if you are burning with white-hot anger and feel like whacking argumentative idiots and stubborn mules with giant Toblerone bars.

Your loved ones and BFFs are really lucky to have you in their lives, because you are fiercely loyal and will protect them with every ounce of strength. Whatever they ask of you, you will try your best to satisfy and make them happy. You hate to disappoint your closest peeps. However, my friend, you can get extremely jealous, spiteful and manipulative if your suspicious side tells you that they have done something wrong behind your back.

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