Scorpio Third Decan

Third decan Scorpio born between November 13 and November 22. If a person is born between these days, the ruling planet Moon. Moon rules the conscious mind and the subconscious mind, and that is why they are very attractive. Scorpio tends to be quite popular and have a good public standing. Charming as they are, they wishes to be set free, and have a terrific will-power. They value Justice they are sensitive by nature and also caring. In their relationships, particularly, they work very intensely and have a passion in everything they do.

To make their relationships more happy they will even go to the extent of self-sacrificing. They love to look people who are close to them. They are very sensitive in nature and can get hurt very easily. And once they are hurt, they get really dangerous. They hardly will demonstrate their pain feelings openly.

The third Decan Scorpio personality is characterized by great will power, a caring nature and sensitivity. They have tremendous will power and will resist temptations. Once they have decided on a cause or project they will be driven to do their utmost to make it successful. This includes relationships. They love to nurture those close to them. They care deeply for loved ones and derive great pleasure and satisfaction from looking after their interests. As a Scorpion from the element of water they feel things deeply. They are more sensitive than they would like to admit and can be hurt very easily. Unkind words or thoughtless acts trouble them deeply and wound soul. They would never show how hurt they are and how they feel and prefer to hide away to lick own wounds privately.

Scorpio Third Decan - Mental Man of Moon

In astrology, the Moon is a feminine symbol that represents mother, family, home and security. She is associated with emotions, feelings and instincts as well. Hence, it is no wonder that under this influence you have the urge to nurture and care for not only those you love deeply, but also the weak and helpless in your midst.

You are very protective of your family and close-knit friends, and have zero tolerance for anyone that speaks ill of them. You can get extremely combative when your rage-o-meter beeps non stop – and don’t be surprised to find yourself hatching a dark plot that has an eye-for-an-eye element to it, if you decide to seek retribution and revenge in the name of justice. My friend, you have an astrological DNA to harbor past grievances for a long time, and think nothing of being ruthless and cruel towards your enemies.

Being a highly observant person blessed with amazing intuition, you have the ability to sense other people’s feelings and needs. You are quick to comfort and encourage when you see a sad face, and are sensitive enough to be quiet and leave them alone with their thoughts.

It is not your style to use the don’t-you-trust-me line to pressure someone to open up and talk; neither will you betray trust and gossip behind backs. That’s why folks in your life feel really safe sharing their personal stories and darkest secrets with you.

Generosity is your middle name, and you won’t hesitate to pay for a friend’s dinner or give your sibling a huge financial help, if you discover they are struggling to make ends meet. You are the type of selfless giver that is willing to sacrifice themself for others.

You are easily affected by the energy and emotions of others. If a dear one is jumping with joy over their success, you will be on cloud nine and beam with pride as though their success is yours. However, if they are feeling like a tiny abandoned kitten on the street, you become moody and start to wonder why is life so unfair. And if you are around an angry person, your anger would rise, and perhaps, could turn into tears.

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