Scorpio Monthly Career Horoscope

The month of September brings a job opportunity from your past.

Venus enters the sign of Virgo on September 4, and, Scorpio, a business connection could lead you to a new job. Someone you know through networking or you used to work with could tell you about a job opening at their current company. Or someone you used to work for now wants you to work for them again.

There’s a full moon in Pisces on the tenth. Also, Mercury is now retrograde in Libra. It might be back to the drawing board for a creative project you’ve been working on. This might be a new product or a new way of bundling your services. Perhaps the first attempt was rushed, or you found that it was too much like a competitor’s service. This is a good time to shut the door and do some brainstorming.

There’s a new moon in Libra on September 25. Over the next few weeks your powers of concentration will be quite strong, but you need to eliminate distractions. You might be working on a side business, but it’s too easy to sit down and watch TV with the family. Consider getting a productivity app for your phone and you can make great progress.

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