Scorpio Monthly Career Horoscope

The month of January moves quietly and deliberately, but it later picks up to a brisk pace. There’s a full moon in Cancer on January 6, and Scorpio, you might be looking to beef up your credentials by taking some continuing education classes or testing for a professional license. This is an excellent time to find a study buddy and get through the course material quickly. You could soon have another certificate to hang on your wall.

On the twelfth, Mars turns direct in the sign of Gemini, and now is a good time to get your investments in order. You might review your portfolio with your broker or financial planner. This is a good time to further diversify your holdings.

Mercury turns direct in Capricorn on January 18, and now is the time to deal with paperwork. Perhaps you haven’t had time to deal with some important correspondence that has come in recently. You might also be reviewing a contract. Now you can finish the negotiations.

There’s a new moon in Aquarius on the twenty-first, and Scorpio, this is a good time to revamp your home office. You might redecorate, put up inspirational posters, or hang a whiteboard calendar so you can keep track of your progress. Now you’re getting organized.

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