Scorpio Love Horoscope

Scorpios are best known for their strong but reserved character. They are very private creatures and usually try to hide their real feelings inside. On the outside they seem very strong and tough, however on the inside there is a sea of feelings and passion. It is very difficult to get Scorpio individual to open up, because first you must gain his trust, which is usually not easy to do. Scorpio people are considered some of the best lovers and in fact they love intense and passionate relationships.

On the good side, Scorpio’s are very loyal, strong and independent. They are also quite opinionated. On the bad side, their confidence and strong character will usually mean that they are very stubborn, and do not compromise easily. Their loyalty can often grow into obsession and they could get very possessive.

Career-wise these individuals can be very ambitious. That combined with their strong willpower and ability to stick through the hot and cold can bring them big success. However, quite often Scorpios fall prey to obsession and fanaticism about their work, beliefs, relationship or some other aspect of their lives, and that rarely brings much happiness.

Scorpios are extremely tough and sometimes it is surprising what they have gone through in their lives. They are almost never intimidated by anyone or anything, and always look fear into the eye. Many of them are attracted to the darker and mystical side of life, and are not afraid of investigating it.

They are strong, loyal, emotional, passionate and fearless, but at the same time it is difficult to see any of that, because Scorpios rarely show their true colors to others, unless you have really earned their trust.

Scorpio Compatibility