Scorpio Monthly Love Horoscope

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You’re normally happy to smolder in the background, but with passionate Mars, your ruler, partnered with attention-seeking Leo for a lot of the month, you’re ready to stand in the spotlight and be adored! Because you’re a lot friendlier and more approachable now, you can expect to have a full social calendar (if that’s what you want).

You tend to know things without even asking questions when wise asteroid Pallas goes retrograde while partnered with intuitive Pisces on July 14, which quite frankly might freak a lot of people out. Are you psychic? Are you a stalker? Leave your crush wondering how you know what you know.

When Mars leaves fiery Leo for more practical Virgo on the twenty-ninth, it’s time to get more serious about love. You’re a detail lover like Virgo, so it won’t be hard for you to make the adjustment. This is a great time to delete some exes’ contact info from your phone or unfollow people on social media who you aren’t interested in anymore.

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