Scorpio Monthly Love Horoscope

On May 2, you can look forward to a major passionate energy shift as romantic Venus leaves shy water sign Pisces for outgoing, confident Aries. If you’ve had your eye on someone lately, put your cards on the table and tell them how you feel. Or better yet, show them. You’ll be pretty hard to resist in the coming weeks.

A supportive sun-Mars sextile on the seventh highlights your talents and positive personality traits and helps your crush see you in a whole different way. If they weren’t already interested in you, they probably will be after this. Now that the ball is squarely in your court, it’s your move.

The full moon and lunar eclipse appear in your resourceful sign on May 15, giving you the power to find out a lot of useful information about a potential love interest. What do you want to know most, Scorpio? Under this secretive lunation, you might not want to go directly to the source, but try to avoid crossing the line into invasion of privacy.

Your powerful co-leader Mars leaves kindhearted Pisces for insensitive Aries on the twenty-fourth, so watch out for hurting people’s feelings. You don’t do it intentionally, but sometimes you aren’t aware of how your selfish actions negatively affect others during this demanding transit.

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