Scorpio Monthly Love Horoscope

You can’t imagine being anything but a winner during the powerful sextile between your dominant co-ruler Mars and lucky Jupiter on September 1. Although you might not have any direct romantic competition that you know of, you’re in first place according to an outspoken admirer.

On the ninth, communications manager Mercury goes retrograde while partnered with fair-minded Libra, so you might not be quite as sensitive when a potential date or partner makes little mistakes and shows up late. While you usually view certain behaviors as blatant signs of disrespect, you’re a lot more understanding under this compromising energy. You still have high standards, but you’re willing to hear their side of the story.

On September 29, the moon is in your own secretive sign, so you love to play hard to get. If you leave breadcrumbs out for someone to follow but they don’t, Scorpio, they’re not the right person for you. During this reserved influence, you need someone who is intrigued by your mysterious side.

Scorpio Compatibility