Scorpio Weekly Love Horoscope

Your sexy co-leader Mars is paired with charming Leo and your career zone all week, Scorpio, which means someone you work with might suddenly become irresistible. Are there rules that say you can’t get together with coworkers, though? If there are, you need to weigh your options carefully. Or are they worth risking it?

On Monday, the Universe also hits you with a pesky Mars-Jupiter square that throws things off balance enough that you start to question yourself. How could you have had it so wrong, Scorpio? You’ll be back to your regular confident self soon, but this aspect has you shook.

You get to show your imaginative side during the Venus-Uranus sextile over the weekend, and things could definitely get a little bit naughty. Are people accusing you of having a dirty mind? Guilty as charged. And you need a partner who is willing to “go there” with you. A sassy Sagittarius is a great choice.

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