Scorpio 2021 Love Horoscope

With Saturn moving into your 7th House of Love, Marriage and Social Activities on 1st March, the whole psychology and orientation of the love life changes. In last year (and for a brief part of 2021) Jupiter was moving through your 5th House of Children, Fun, Games, Creativity, Speculations and Love Affairs. Singles were not that interested in commitment, but in pleasure. For many there was an unwillingness to shoulder responsibilities or go through rough spots. As soon as the relationship became tedious or hit a difficult bit, you wanted out. Many of you were not discriminating in love and perhaps paid the price for it.

This year things are different. Jupiter will move out of your 7th House and Saturn will move into it. Those in existing relationships are going to have their love tested. The current relationship goes through a reality check. If you had illusions, one way or another, they are dashed. But don’t get panicky, this works in your favour as well. For if you had delusions or doubts about the love of a partner you might be pleasantly surprised this year. You might find that your partner’s love is stronger than you thought. Good relationships will get stronger. Weak ones will probably die out.

Those not already involved in a serious relationship might very well become involved in one this year. But you are certainly (and probably rightfully) cautious. Love takes time to bloom and develop – and with the right partner will get stronger over time. 2021 is not a year for love at first sight.

It would not surprise me if you ran a credit check on romantic prospects and otherwise checked out their background. You sense and know that love brings duties, responsibilities and burdens – and you want to make sure everything is just so. Right now, you are into long-term love, love that endures, and this is another reason for your caution.

But there is a downside to all of this. Nothing can put a damper on romance more quickly than too much rationality, fear and doubt. Romance is 90 per cent magic, 10 per cent logic. There is a danger of chilling the romance before it has a chance to develop. There is a danger of too much coldness and manipulativeness. You will have to learn to strike just the right balance between your head and your heart.

There are times to use your head and times to let your heart guide you. There are no rigid rules about this – you will have to feel/know your way through.

The best relationships will be those where both your head and heart are satisfied.

With Saturn in your House of Love, there is a need to focus on quality rather than quantity. This applies to love relationships, friendships and social activities. Scorpio can’t attend every party or every outing this year. Nor can you afford hordes of lukewarm friends. Stick to quality.

By the time Saturn is finished re-ordering your social life, you will go out less often, but when you do it will be more fun.

Singles are attracted to older, more traditional types -though your emotional exuberance can be a turn-off to them. Your mood swings are a puzzle as well. Love comes in the neighbourhood or with a neighbour.

Another challenge in love is gaining family support or approval for your lover. There seems to be conflict here.

Give it time.

Your love life becomes more fun from 28th June to 23rd October, when someone significant comes into the picture. But again, give it time – there are many twists and bends on the road of love this year 2021.

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