Scorpio Monthly Horoscope

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With a crown of stars dancing across the sky from you, Scorpio, relationship matters are especially blessed for you at this time. The new moon on May 11 falls within this solar seventh house, highlighting your most significant partner in love or business. This is an excellent period to make plans, discuss moving in, or even say yes forever. Single Scorpios should harness this lunation by setting up meetings with prospective suitors who appear to have long-term potential.

Benevolent Jupiter spins into a fellow water sign beginning on the thirteenth, forming a trine to your first house. This can make life feel more fluid and sweet as you move toward both personal and professional growth. Your heart will swell as you see blessings around romance, fertility, and creativity.

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Next and possibly most memorable this month is a powerful lunar eclipse in your solar second house that takes place on May 26. This could see more income or a large expense come your way. Some Scorpios could welcome a raise or new job. If you’re unhappy with your budget, assess it now.

Last to mention this month is the arrival of Mercury retrograde on the twenty-ninth. You could feel it approaching as early as midmonth with the gradual slowing of affairs and projects. Do your best not to make concrete agreements or any major expenditures in the weeks to come. This is a time to review and revise your plans rather than enter new territory.

Standout days: 13, 26, 31
Challenging days: 8, 27, 29

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