Scorpio Wellness Horoscope

They take revenge in any possible way they can and hold the resent everlastingly in their hearts. When are hurt in any relationships never trust anyone again and they can go away and become distant from their dear and near ones. These habits are not good but if they once start loving themselves can bring forgiveness in inner being. They can cover their soul with astonishing will power they have. As they don't want their partner's to leave them so they end up complaining that for their stress their partner is responsible.

They are having great health blessed by almighty and can recover in fast and furious way they face many accidents because of the taking risk in their life. As they think a lot they are having many psychometric disorders as they are to emotional and sensitive people.

Red is one of the most favorite colors of sensuous scorpion and when it comes to eyes they don't mind wearing false eye lashes and mascara to give their eyes fascinating effect. They don't mind experimenting with their clothes and have the exceptional quality to turn old clothes into new and fashionable one.

Scorpio Compatibility