Scorpio Monthly Wellness Horoscope

Those of you who have been suffering from a chronic ailment may finally stumble upon a treatment that works. Ensure that the changes in the weather do not affect your health as you might be prone to catching a cold or cough. The stress of the past few months is bound to catch up with you now, especially for all you young adults. Elderly people should avoid doing anything too strenuous as this could lead to joint pains and body ache. Some of you are accident prone so you must be very careful especially while driving or when you are out on the street. You are advised not to indulge in any strenuous activities too to prevent injuries. Elderly people who have been suffering from stomach disorders for the past few days will finally get some relief. Pregnant women should avoid stress as this may affect you negatively. Some of you may suffer from extreme mood swings so indulge in activities that help you relax. Children could suffer from stomach aches so parents should monitor their drinking water. Those of you on a weight loss programme will get good results.

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