Scorpio 2021 Horoscope

Over the last 10 years, you’ve experienced a true realization of power, both from within yourself and. from outside influences. Now, better acquainted with yourself, you’re in a good position to harness your energy and direct it toward establishing a more positive sense of connection with life.
You’re entering a period of fine-tuning, with the goal of becoming better balanced on every leve, but you’re also likely to feel that you’re on the brink of exceptional changes leading to experiences beyond your wildest imagination. This year, your immediate goals may center around becoming more familiar with your environment and strengthening your knowledge in a chosen career field.
Even though your foundation may be changing, your trust in yourself can increase, allowing you to use those changes to establish a steadier foothold.
Although the date of your birth determines the period in which Uranus will be most influential during its long cycle in Aquarius, you’re still likely to feel an increasing lack of patience with the status quo. You’re ready to break away from situations and attitudes blocking self-expression, and sometime over the next seven years may find that you’re even quite rebellious.
The intensity of these changes will be most prominent during the year when Uranus is in its exact square aspect to your Sun (watch this and future Sun Sign Books for the exact year). You finally may feel that you can take some risks that you were incapable of addressing previously.
While Jupiter transits in Capricorn this year, you’re feeling a strong need to make contact with others. This is a great time to build solid business or professional affiliations, but it also can be
a period when your communicative abilities expand to allow more satisfying interaction in all your relationships.
This cycle highlights your solar 3rd house, drawing your attention to a desire to learn more. If you’ve been thinking of extending your education or sharpening your skills, you may find that the avenues are more open than in the past.
Any form of communication flows more easily during this cycle, including writing and public speaking. You also may be called upon to lead or teach others, and may find that you gain greater self-confidence by sharing your knowledge or expertise.
You may have more opportunities to travel, and are quite likely to feel restless throughout most of this year. Breaking up your routine can actually be invigorating and inspiring, and may offer a fresh perspective that helps to release any blocks in your creativity.
The solar and lunar eclipses draw your attention to feelings about work and attitudes toward the everyday duties that fill so much of your time. This can be a period of spiritual quest, initiating a more profound connection with your inner self. By becoming more mindful, you may feel that you are reaching a more enlightened state of consciousness that allows greater awareness of your connection to the Source of All Life. You may feel more inclined to spend time in contemplative or meditative activities, and may actually become more withdrawn in your quest. You also can be more involved in the processes of life.
Be attentive to the ways you relate to others and how you give of your time, caring, and energy. If you’re feeling isolated, be aware of what created the isolation. If you want to become more connected, you may find that it’s easier within the context of a spiritual community or group of individuals who share your beliefs. This can be a period of spiritual and emotional healing, but only if you’re willing to be honest with yourself about your true needs. The temptation to escape from yourself does exist. Yet the thrust of this time is to merge into oneness, and from that level of awareness, to create a more satisfying life.

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