Scorpio February 2021 Horoscope

Home or family affairs are on the program! The Sun, Mercury, Venus Jupiter and Saturn all in Aquarius square to your sign announce some turmoil at home, all truths are not good to say, especially in family! Your dynamism is powerful, Mars in Taurus supported by Uranus animates your sector of life attached to your lover or your partner, balance and diplomacy are essential, especially first decan.

Pluto brings you nice friendly encounters and a morale of steel while Neptune gives you a dose of pure romance especially for the second decan. From the 19th, the energies of Pisces awaken a little more your relational compassion, your love sector and your way of loving. This winter month is particularly focused on others, you who are usually so individualistic, it's the universe that tests you!

Love in General:
It is at home that you could live love most easily during this month. Venus in Aquarius opens perspectives of mutual freedom that do not necessarily correspond to your way of loving, live this as a challenge! Mars in Taurus on the other hand boosts your libido effectively but also the character of your partners, compromise and mutual respect!

In a relationship:
A healthy and vigorous marital libido could allow you to soften possible family disagreements, which does not always promote daily understanding. After the 19th, the climate between you is more easily harmonious or very much in love. Be patient at the beginning of the month if the atmosphere is a little stressed!

A meeting is possible throughout the month thanks to Mars facing your sign, love at first sight or a romance that is purely sensual, it's up to you! After the 19th, the sky is more favorable to you to live an attractive story but one that is more durable. What do you want to live?

Advice from FREE Horoscope:
It could swing at home or with family, stay zen, be a philosopher! Do not react immediately to the slightest provocation of others or the month is likely to be a little noisy. You have the stuff of a warrior, certainly, do not overdo it!

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