Scorpio March 2021 Horoscope

Love and intensity! This month promises to be very sentimental for your sign, a cluster in Pisces, the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Neptune in the heart of your business sector speaks for itself! Your soul will vibrate to the extent of your personality and its harmonious monthly energies. Until the 15th, Mercury square to your sign, hinders your exchanges, avoid explosive words.

Your planet Pluto, still in Capricorn, promotes your morale while Mars in Gemini as early as the 5th, boosts your sex appeal! You will need to watch your home, Jupiter and Saturn can complicate your family relationships, stay zen. Great turmoil in perspective, Uranus facing your sign, your partner or spouse changes your relationship, first decan. Finally, the energies of Aries from the 21st to the 31st boost your daily life, energy and know-how!

Love in General:
Love is the focus of the month with beautiful prospects to live! Your passionate nature should appreciate these harmonic celestial impulses, you are charismatic, sensual and romantic! Whether you are accompanied or not, love and its wonders await you, are you ready? Mars in Gemini from May 5th to 31st could trigger an introspection in keeping with your inner personality. Carpe Diem !

In a relationship:
It is likely that the beautiful monthly energies of love allow your couple a complicity and harmony in everyday life. Until the 21st, there is a sweetness of life together and from the 22nd, you are very successful at work, enough to continue to please your other half. A nice month!

This somewhat mixed month, between winter and spring, resonates very well with your intimate personality. Your chances of seduction are very high and you are able to permanently change your emotional status. Take care of your communication, do not test others, embody love as you know how to do it and be ready!

Advice from FREE Horoscope:
The sky comes to play with you but it is only for your well-being! Celestial energies touch your intimate and relational sphere, what a beautiful challenge for your sign! Let go of what must be to fully accommodate what happens.

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