Scorpio May 2021 Horoscope

The intimate sphere is honored and so is your powerful sensuality! The end of winter will not be sad for you! See the beautiful energies in Taurus, in front of your sign, that infuse your intimate or associative life with many rejoicings, unforeseen events and jolts as you like them! Mars in the sign of water pushes you to go surpass yourself all month and your dynamism is idealistic! Saturn square to your sign means you impose his family or residential reforms, stay diplomatic, second decan. Jupiter arrives in your loving and creative sector on the 14th, a beautiful evolution will follow, first decan! From the 21st, a planetary cluster in Gemini boosts your libido, asks you about life and about your relationship to someone else's money. A nice month!

Love in General:
The celestial energies invite you to savor these beautiful influxes of Taurus favoring your legendary sensuality and your thirst ever sealed with true love. You detect a lie from miles away and Mercury will play with your natural psychology a tad, from the 5th to the 31st, do not become suspicious! Mars in Cancer fits like a glove, loves and powerful feelings.

In a relationship:
If your duo works well, then harmony promises to be bright. Trust, mutual desire and a touch of Uranus comes to spice things up in your conjugal sphere with a touch of originality. If not, your partner may take distance from you, by play and by provocation, which may darken your mood. After the 14th, you are so tender!

Several planets favor your sentimental life, Pluto supports your contacts, Neptune promotes your faith in love and a cluster in Taurus could put the person promised to your destiny on your path. Chase your doubts, take back your power, without control, trust, open your heart, this month is promising!

Advice from FREE Horoscope:
Spring starts sympathetic in many ways! Your sign is pampered by the universe. If some tensions are still relevant in your home or family, discern the wheat from the chaff, everyone has their vision and everyone has their reasons.

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