Flirting with Scorpio

Born under the Star Sign of Scorpio, you’re the most dangerous flirt in the Zodiac! If you’re typical of your Sun Sign, your instinctive flirting style is cool, calculating - and at times totally deadly! Flirting, for you, is a personal challenge that has to be won - and you’ll stop at nothing to get your prey.

Your eyes are your strongest weapon of seduction and you use these to full effect to bring the one you desire under your power. A key element of your control strategy is to find out as much as you can about the other person in order to identify their weaknesses. Personally, though, you’re careful to give away as little as possible and avoid revealing your hand too soon. By creating a sense of mystery about yourself, you aim to keep others constantly on the hook. Before they know it, they’re fatally attracted to you - but once the thrill of the chase is over, you may already have lost interest!

Masters at flirting, Scorpios have quite an arsenal of techniques. You can be subtly sexy with a sultry glance, or outrageously naughty with a suggestive (deceptive?) promise of a romp between the sheets. Sometimes you’ll flirt just to get a rise out of your quarry, even if you’re not particularly interested. Pluto, the planet of influence, is your ruler, and the ability to captivate admirers is part of your power. When combined with your heart and soul, your flirting finesse makes you impossible to resist.

You’re the Master of Flirting with your intense sexuality, sensitivity, and suggestive naughtiness. You enjoy flirting so much that there doesn’t even need to be an endgame; it’s just fun to give someone a sultry glance, a sexy smile, and a seductive touch. If you want to give someone the one-night-stand of a lifetime, choose a Taurus, Sagittarius or Aries. When you’re looking for a significant other, then a Pisces, Cancer or a Capricorn will fit the bill.

Flirting with Scorpio Love

Not necessarily the easiest flirting challenge for you, but at least you’re on home ground! When flirting with a fellow Scorpio you’ll certainly be wise to all their moves. Not much danger of your being out-manipulated by them - you give as good as you get.

The problem, though, is that since you both play your cards so close to your chest, there are bound to be some subtle power games going on. The chances are you’ll be vying with each other to prove that you’re the toughest and the coolest - and neither of you is likely to want to be the first to reveal your hand.

Your worst tactic, then, with another Scorpio is to get into some kind of control drama which ends with both of you losing out. Your best tactic is to create a strong sense of connection by proving how similar you are. Attract their interest by pointing out anything you’ve noticed that the two of you have in common. Maybe focus in particular on your greatest passions and your biggest hates (Scorpios tend to be pretty intense about everything!).

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