Scorpio Man and Capricorn Woman

The relations shared by Scorpio and Capricorn are one with a lot of give and a lot of take. If anything, you will certainly never be bored with each other. Both of them are sincere and dependable people with high family values. Others find Capricorn dry and aloof but towards Scorpio they have a devoted heart with sense of appreciation.

Scorpios are superhuman beings with a blend of passion, intellect and a magnetic attraction that is challenging to avoid. Their mind is sharp, critical, cautious and skeptical making them unique and interesting. Scorpios are a perfect picture of will power, high standards and stability. Their self control is astounding in keeping things tight from the rest of the world. They appear to be calm and serene otherwise. All the efforts to read into them usually go in vain as they are too good at masking what they want to hide. They are, however, innately curious about someone or something they truly care about. Everything else means nothing to them and — does not exist.

Capricorns are very sovereign and committed people with inbuilt wisdom and persistence. Generally they lead an ambitious life and pursue all their ambitions fiercely. Capricorn believe in permanence and self discipline and never involve in anything just for fun. They are conservative and domineering in nature and their most endearing quality is their dependability in times of need. Once out of their serious course, Capricorns are very tender and gentle with a soft smile. Capricorns are not so much a social butterfly as they are immensely involved in being with their family. They take the sure thing over the risky adventures any day. They are not overly curious and therefore they don’t have a suspicious nature that causes them grief or undue trouble. They are truly calm and self protective creatures.

Scorpio Man and Capricorn Woman Compatibility

For this couple, a relatively stable and secure relationship is on the cards, with every chance of a life long match. To outsiders, the sexy, magnetic Sorcerer and the reserved, sensible Sage may have little in common, but it’s the shared interests, mutual respect and depth of understanding between the two of them which help to bring Scorpio and Capricorn compatibility to life. When these two collaborate, much as you might imagine if a mythical Sage and Sorcerer work together, there is little which can prevent their happiness.

Scorpio and Capricorn constantly spend their time focusing and discussing what their hopes and dreams are, realizing that they both have a lot of the same. Their path in getting there and attaining such goals is very much different, but the end result is almost always quite similar. Another similarity between the two is the secret want for respect. Rather than coming right out about it, they just as soon stay in the background with their power, delegating from the side lines. Scorpio understands Capricorn more than they think they do. Being no stranger to depression, they realize and understand what Capricorn goes through from time to time. Their patience is their virtue in times like this. Scorpio is the more outspoken of the two but they are known for using a front or a mask of sorts to cover up their actual intentions. The painfully shy Capricorn envies this quality in Scorpio and the latter is touched by the former’s intimidation.

Although Scorpio and Capricorn are known to butt heads and rival against each other quite often, they figure out their differences, solve their troubles and end up being on the same side of trouble when it enters their lives in other situations. The overall picture may not always be compatible between Scorpio and Capricorn, but the foundation is solid and always holds strong for a good landing ground when they need one. They both look forward to the future in hopes of bettering themselves and bettering their futures. This is where their energy lies and perhaps is the underlying reason as to why their feuds do not last very long. Their best bet is to get out and socialize more. This aids in conversation as well, as it is not easy for the two to communicate back and forth. The ease on the stress in their lives helps in this matter.

The different colors of relations usually suit well to Scorpio and Capricorn. As lovers and spouse they make a kind of perfect match especially if man is Scorpion and woman is Capricorn. When in a relationship like friendship or business partnership they can make wonders with their dedication and intellect. Siblings and relatives also match quite well in these two sun signs while as parents and children, they get a chance to love and discover a lot together because both the Scorpios and Capricorns make devoted parents and obedient children unless and until their reasoning is tried. As colleagues they provide each other wonderful environment till the time they are not in competition with each other because after that both wants to reach the top and both are passionately ambitious.

Capricorn, however, criticizes the Scorpion’s intense nature. They tend to think it is a huge waste of time and energy in being so hyped up all the time. Scorpios look at Capricorn and frown at their lack of sensitivity. This is minute compared to their practical minds and goals they want to strive toward. Once they get past the silly antics of how each will move down their individual paths, they blend their tactics and find better ways to get to the end result together. A relationship between these two can get stuck in a rut of sorts in that they need to push for change to keep it from getting stagnant in their association. In doing so, they could have a stronger bond that forms between them.

Marriage Between Scorpio Man and Capricorn Woman

The marital relationship between a Scorpio male and Capricorn female is truly blessed and beautiful. Both the partners are very practical and look for complete loyalty and dedication before taking their love to higher levels of commitment and once they get married, they keep every word they mean. Their relationship is quite simple and is not loaded with too much of passion. They share a wonderful mutual understanding which gives stability and strength to their relationship.

They are a mature couple which is blessed with the ability to resolve any issue which surfaces in their bond. Though there is very little probability of having any problems in their marital life but whenever the couple encounters some trivial issues, they are able to deal with it effectively by communicating about it. The mutual respect and admiration in their marriage helps their love bloom and add more colors to their life. Together they both enjoy a beautiful world filled with intimate romance and understanding.

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