Jupiter in Scorpio

If you have Jupiter in Scorpio, you tend to be efficient and hard-working, with a flair for business and finance. You are resourceful and willing to do all the work necessary in the fulfillment of a task. You are secretive, but there is, also, great inner strength and courage. You have a magnetism that draws people to you. You have an ardent, aggressive, self-reliant nature and an enthusiastic, constructive mind. On the negative side, there may be trouble and loss through the indulgence of the lower nature and love of rich and expensive food and sickness on that account. Any tendencies for wild speculation and risk-taking should be controlled. There is interest in the occult. Strong healing abilities may be present. These energies are meant to be used to gain a higher consciousness and greater universal wisdom.

With your Jupiter in Scorpio you probe deeply into religious or philosophical teachings in your search for truth, and tend to take those inquiries very seriously. You’re secretive, clever, crafty and critical, and, if Jupiter is afflicted, devious as well. If your Mars is in hard or quincunx aspect to Jupiter, there can be problems with too much sensuality and passion, or unethical behavior in satisfying yourself. You may also desire to control others, or to accumulate power. Jupiter in Scorpio supports investigative or police work, medicine, engineering, research, or the physical sciences.

Planets in Scorpio