Moon in Scorpio

If you have the Moon in Scorpio, you are secretive and inclined to brood in silence over the wrongs that people have done, either in reality or simply in your own mind. The mental and emotional focus may be on sensual things or on sex or death. You find it difficult to trust people as you are suspicious of their inner thoughts and plans. You open yourself up to very few as you do not find it easy to trust others. Allowing yourself to be vulnerable and to relinquish control in relationships is not easy for you. You love with passion and you hate with passion. Everything is done emotionally, with intensity. You can be very jealous and possessive in your relationships. Perhaps your mother was very controlling.

You have a habit of holding on to wrongs that have been done in the past and not forgiving nor forgetting, and to keep such feelings to yourself. Guilt, resentment and vindictiveness need to be overcome. You must learn to let go or your health will suffer. Learn to express your feelings outwardly rather than repressing them within. You are not content with superficial appearances and are always probing beneath the surface of things for hidden motives. You have a great deal of emotional depth. The potential for success is great when control and discipline are learned. You are magnetic, energetic, independent, aggressive, patient, and determined. Self-control of the passions is mandatory.

With Moon in Scorpio desire and passion are what move you. Your feelings are intense, but you can be moody, brooding and easily hurt. You form strong attachments and you’re fiercely loyal, but jealous and possessive as well. You also tend to be secretive, dominating, aggressive, impatient and stubborn. In general, your feelings are so strong that they need mastering. You have a strong body, too, to say nothing of your pride and your will. Don’t pass judgment on others so quickly; try to be more understanding, less demanding, and learn to forgive and to forget.

Many of the Moon’s natural functions are impaired in Scorpio, so you can have difficulty being truly receptive, mothering, or domestic. You have a natural sense for power, wealth, business and politics. This makes for a magnetic woman. If afflicted (in hard aspect from Sun, Mars, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune or Pluto) in a male’s chart, you will attract a jealous and possessive partner.

Planets in Scorpio