Uranus in Scorpio

Uranus in Scorpio gives extra power and intensity. You are brave and daring, but tend to avoid showing emotions, or even reject them. These individuals should find constructive outlets for their emotional tension. This placing indicates a potential, or a need, for power. This influence will be greatest if the Sun, Moon, or Ascendant is in Scorpio, or if Uranus is near the midheaven. This need for power streams from a desire to help heal the world in some way. There is great potential here, but if this energy is misdirected, life may drag these individuals down.

Uranus was in Scorpio only seven years since the late 1800’s, from September 1975 through November 1981 (as well as the five months from October 1974 through April 1975). This is a very powerful position for Uranus as it is "exalted’ in the sign Scorpio (meaning that Scorpio is Uranus’ strongest, most creative sign placement where it expresses its energy in its highest, most positive form). Your will and persistence are tremendous: you will find a way to express yourself, no matter what. You could be a healer, surgeon or psychologist, as you are able to go deep beneath the surface into the causes of pain and disease.

If your Uranus is afflicted, you will have jealousy, envy, and possessiveness to deal with. It is unwise to avoid the necessity for personal growth and regeneration this placement demands, for you are morally capable of the highest and the lowest behavior. Passion must be joined by compassion for you; and resentment must give way to understanding. In general, many individuals with this placement are innovative in sexual matters (anything taboo), and have insights into what makes our darker side tick. The mystical, the occult and drugs hold your interest. Uranus returns to each sign once every 84 years.

Planets in Scorpio