Scorpio Symbol

At face value, we can see the stinger of the scorpion (Scorpio’s animal symbol) in this glyph. The stinger, or arrow points upward, which is symbolic of Scorpio’s ability to aim ever higher in their ideals and goals. The arches are symbolic of reproductive organs, which Scorpio rules. This isn’t necessarily a direct nod to sex. It actually has more to do with Scorpio’s succinct understanding of urge, desire and need. Scorpio’s are driven to create, reproduce and express. This kind of reproduction comes in many forms...from creative thought, to dreams, emotion or enterprise.

Scorpio Zodiac Symbol

Scorpio Symbol

Elemental Zodiac Symbol for Scorpio

Water: Scorpio’s are submerged in the energy of water. What does that mean? It means they are linked to the symbolic potential of water which includes stuff like: Healing, regeneration, emotion, dreams, intuition and more. Some of our most powerful healers in the world are Scorpio’s. They seem to have a superhuman knowledge of how life works, and what can be done to enhance it. Perhaps that’s because many Scorpio’s know the flip side of life too. They understand the inner-workings of both life and death intimately, which makes them superior helpers and healers.

Water has some interesting aspects that are married to the Scorpio persona. It takes on the form in which it is held. It also takes the path of least resistance. Scorpio’s tend to behave the same. Consider a glass of water. It takes the shape of the glass. Consider some of your Scorpio friends. Sometimes they can be chameleons - easily fitting into any environment. Like Scorpio’s, water takes on many forms: Steam, solid, gas, liquid. Scorpio’s can effortlessly shift themselves into an array of different personalities appropriate for their needs/environments. Same goes with their paths. Often, a Scorpio will pick the path of least resistance in order to get their needs met.

Flowers as Zodiac Symbols for Scorpio

Chrysanthemum: This lovely flower does best in cooler temperatures. In a way, Scorpio does too. Sometimes, a Scorpio might don a chilly demeanor. This offers them a certain freedom to scope out their environment, gain understanding, while that cool exterior protects their emanate internal budding. Chrysanthemum blossoms open in a staggering range of layers. Petal upon petal, these flowers unfold their beauty in complex layers. So too does Scorpio. Just when you discover a delightful level to Scorpio, another unfolds, then another and another. This is just one among the many joys at peeling back Scorpio’s layers. They are full of beautiful mystery unfolding in perfect time and with staggering elegance.

Stones as Zodiac Symbols for Scorpio

Onyx: A powerful stone, onyx is symbolic of self-discipline, vision and conservation of energy. Scorpio’s are encouraged to wear onyx when they need to balance their emotions with thought and action. This stone also helps to augment psychic vision for Scorpio’s. As a stone that boosts self-control, onyx will afford stability and focus when Scorpio needs it. Onyx is also an intensely absorbent stone. Often, Scorpio’s tend to cling to a lot of energy. Sometimes that energy isn’t so healthy. Bad feelings, tormenting secrets, grudges or hidden agendas tend to doggedly stick to Scorpio’s. Onyx is a brilliant tool for Scorpio’s, because it tends to absorb these sticky icky’s - allowing Scorpio relief from the unsavory burdens they often carry around.

Animal Zodiac Symbols for Scorpio

Scorpion: Too often, Scorpio’s are misunderstood and therefore mistreated, judged or feared. I urge everyone to not make the mistake of underestimating or misunderstanding the Scorpio (or scorpion, for that matter). Rather, take the time to understand where the Scorpio comes from. Why do they do what they do? Why do they act as they do? Given the time and thought to understand their nuances, I think you’ll find a new appreciation for these dynamic people.

Scorpions tend to be loners, as Scorpio’s do too. They prefer their own company over those of others, and are quite okay with solitude. Like the insect, Scorpio’s can be shifty. Not in a bad way. Many scorpions take on the color and texture of their environment to protect them from predators. They also have hard exoskeletons - another protective measure. And if those subtle elements don’t work...there is always that wicked stinger! The correlation here? If a Scorpio wants to be alone - leave them alone. Also, Scorpio’s have a divine design for self-preservation. Keep that in mind before you challenge them.

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